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Dual Language Education

HoLa utilizes the 90-10 immersion approach to provide a robust academic curriculum through instruction in both Spanish and English, with a range of opportunities for creative expression and experiential learning.

Research demonstrates that the 90-10 model is the most effective form of immersion education, in terms of both academic and linguistic outcomes. Following this model for the early Elementary grades, at HoLa, 90% of instruction is delivered in Spanish in grades K-2, with one daily period of English Language Arts. Starting in 3rd grade, instruction gradually shifts to 50% of academic content delivered in Spanish and 50% delivered in English.

Immersion classrooms are dynamic, creative spaces. Our teachers implement innovative strategies to facilitate comprehension and communication, integrate linguistic and academic content, and differentiate instruction.

We believe bilingualism is a critical 21st Century skill that builds bridges and brings communities together, whether they are next door or across the globe.


We consistently outperform state averages on standardized academic assessments. We are humbled to regularly rank among the top public schools in Hoboken, Hudson County and the State of NJ, as well as in the top 10% of charter schools nationwide.

Since its foundation, HoLa has been named a Tier One High Performing School and is currently designated as a Model Dual Language Program by the New Jersey Department of Education.


Rooted in Best Practice

Our staff represents over 15 different Spanish-speaking countries, and we are proud to have one of the most diverse teaching faculties in the state of NJ.

Benefiting from decades of research on immersion education, at HoLa we implement established best practices to provide our students with an outstanding academic foundation, along with the unique opportunity to become proficient in two languages. Our students recognize that bilingualism is a superpower!