HoLa on NBC and Telemundo for Groundbreaking Partnership

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  • August 29, 2019

NBC and Telemundo visit Hola to learn more about it's partnership with the Embassy of Spain.

HoLa became the first school in NJ to have a partnership with the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain which allows experienced teachers from Spain to work in its classrooms through a Visiting Teachers Program. “We are thrilled to partner with HoLa and to provide our teachers with an excellent school to work in,” said Education Adviser for the Consulate of Spain Carmen García Argüelles.  “HoLa is a unique school among dual language schools. The 90-10 immersion model is clearly working for its students, and our teachers are uniquely suited to support this model.”

“Schools in New Jersey are committed to providing children with quality instruction and an equitable learning environment,” said Linda P. Eno, Assistant Commissioner of Academics and Performance for the New Jersey Department of Education. “We applaud schools like HoLa for taking innovative approaches in creating partnerships that benefit students and promote dual language immersion learning opportunities.” 

“Our students will have more opportunities in the future, job opportunities, and also for meeting people in other cultural atmospheres inside their own country,” Jesús Valls, a Spanish teacher, said.

“Language opens up so many opportunities, especially for children who have that elasticity of their minds to learn so quickly,” mother Gina DeFina said.

After our announcement, The Hudson Reporter featured our story and NBC and Telemundo visited HoLa to interview our staff about this exciting partnership. Click here to watch the NBC and Telemundo stories.

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