The learning and fun extends beyond the school day with our Aftercare programs. Students are given the time to complete their homework and enjoy activities and games.


HoLa Aftercare will return for the 2021-2022 academic year at 123 Jefferson Street, serving our students in grades K-4.

Important notes:

    • Aftercare begins on the first day of school. Please note there is no Aftercare on 1pm dismissal days.
    • No Drop-In’s: For reasons of efficiency and security, we will not accept drop-in / same-day registration for aftercare. While parents may opt to pre-register students for select days of the week (for example, Mon, Wed and Fri only each week), in this case students must be registered in advance, for the year.
    • Daily Schedule: Aftercare students will have snack, homework time and free play daily; however, their schedule will vary slightly by grade span. They will also have access to Enrichment offerings which will be available for a separate fee. 


There are three options for Aftercare registration this year, to accommodate a range of needs. One month is the minimum commitment; no drop-in or daily option is available. Siblings receive a 10% discount for each option.

Annual Prepaid (best value – save 10%):

Pay in advance for the full year, for either full time (5 days per week) or individual days of the week (1-4 days per week).

    • Full-time (5 days per week) – $4,275/year
    • Individual days of the week (1-4 days per week) – $1000/year for each day of the week selected
    • Yearly commitment September  through June 

Annual Auto-Pay 

Register for the full year and pay the first month (10%) upon registration, then auto-pay on the first of every month starting October 1.

    • Full-time (5 days per week) $4,500 for the year, auto- billed at $450 per month every 1st of the month  
    • Individual days of the week (1-4 days per week) – $105/month for each day of the week selected ($1,050 per each day selected for the year)
    • Yearly commitment September through June 

Monthly Pay As You Go:

Only commit to one month at a time, and only pay when you register. Please note that there is no prorated per diem rate available for this option. 

    • $500 per month, Monday- Friday 


Please use the following link to register for Aftercare: Register Here

Contact Information:

Please contact with any questions regarding programming or logistics.  

The phone number for the Main Office at the Jefferson Street location is 201-427-1458.

We are looking forward to a great year in HoLa Aftercare!

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