Although we are a dual language school, as a public charter school, HoLa is fundamentally an academic program, and addresses the same New Jersey Student Learning Standards as all public schools in NJ. Bilingualism is a key goal that results from specific teaching strategies in an immersion setting. The language component does not replace instructional time; rather, academic content is delivered primarily in Spanish in the early years so that language is a tool of instruction, not a subject in and of itself.

Our Approach

HoLa utilizes the well-established immersion approach to dual language education and incorporates a range of opportunities for creative expression and experiential learning.

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On standardized tests such as the NJSLA, both English- and Spanish-speakers perform at comparable or superior levels compared to same-language peers in other educational settings.

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The HoLa curriculum sets forth an educational plan that reinforces HoLa’s mission to provide a rigorous and rich academic program in a dual language immersion context, where students are actively engaged in the learning process. The curriculum is interdisciplinary, challenging and aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and the Core Curriculum Content Standards.

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Our curriculum is designed with an emphasis in the arts. Our teachers implement a cross-cultural integration of the arts in to the classroom, along with instruction in, and exposure to, various media through weekly art and music classes, field trips and residencies. Students get “special” classes: art, music, gym, and other rotating “specials” provided by artists-in-residence, such as international dance, yoga and instrumental instruction.

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STEM is an educational program developed to prepare our students for further studies in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our program is designed to foster critical thinking, hands-on collaborative projects, and practical applications.

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