HoLa Community

HoLa's core values describe who we are as a school community, and reflect our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity, regardless or race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.


  • We treat others with respect at all times.
  • We follow the rules and do the right thing, even when it is hard and when nobody’s watching.
  • We lead by example.
  • We take personal responsibility for our actions.


  • We hold ourselves to high academic expectations.
  • We work hard, actively participate, and show pride in the work we produce.
  • We embrace challenges, take academic risks, and persevere.
  • We cultivate intellectual curiosity.


  • We accept, include, encourage and support one another.
  • We assume the best of each other.
  • We are polite and courteous in our words and actions.
  • We demonstrate both generosity and gratitude.

Global Citizenship

  • We show pride in being a community of bilingual learners.
  • We use our native and acquired language skills to connect with others.
  • We are preparing ourselves to be active participants in the emerging global community.
  • We actively seek to make the world a more equitable place for people of all identities, backgrounds and beliefs, starting within our own school.


  • We exercise our imagination and learn the skills we need to betomorrow’s thought leaders.
  • We collaborate by combining our collective strengths and talents.
  • We demonstrate creativity through self-expression and problem-solving alike.
  • We apply a variety of ideas, methods and approaches in order to build, solve and create.

We expect members of our school community to act in accordance with the core values in all we do, and in all settings in which we interact with one another: in the classroom, in the lunchroom, in the park and online. We will hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for adhering to these high standards in ways big and small, so that we may create and maintain a school climate that is joyful, academically rigorous and safe for all.

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